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Weekly rental of the Manor house (sleeps up to 10 people)

The view from the Clos des Capucins manor house is exceptional. Situated on the top of a hill, it looks directly across to the legendary Chinon Castle where the Plantagenet King Henry II, his wife Eleanor of Acquitaine and their son Richard the Lionheart once resided. The castle later became the setting for the historic meeting of Joan of Arc and the French Dauphin, where she persuaded him to provide her with troops to rid France of the English and end the 100 Years War.

The manor house is surrounded by gardens and a walled vineyard. The new owner, Fiona Beeston, wine journalist and author, is injecting new life (bio-dynamic) into this forgotten gem of a vineyard, first established by the Capucins monks in 1604. The monastery was burnt down during the French Revolution. The house that now stands on the site is part 18th/part 19th Century. Recently redecorated, it has a warm family-house feel. Views from every window are exquisite, some straight out of a XVIIth painting – lush countryside with the meandering river, vineyards, chateaux…. A five minute walk from the Clos des Capucins will lead you down a cobbled street lined with medieval to Renaissance buildings, and then onto the main square with a fountain and cafés.